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New project!

2012-08-17 21:35:13 by guildassasan

Yes, that's right folks! I have dusted off my mouse, headphones, and copy of Fruity Loops, and have begun a new project! From Katawa Shoujo, the track "Breathlessly," is being transposed! I'm not very good, so i do more transposing than i do original works, but someday i hope to be good enough to write an inspiring work of originality! With some support from the community obviously :P


2012-04-04 18:19:00 by guildassasan

I hate how i commented on things when i was 10-13 years old or so, which is around when i made an account... it pains me to read the rediculous shit i wrote in my reviews from that time. Its emberassing what i thought sounded acceptable in a review back then... seriously, its REALLY emberassing D:

i hope to fianlly launch my NG audio career. maybe i'll do something worthwhile here for once :(


2011-05-04 21:18:39 by guildassasan

is so hard here. i feel like an ass cause i don't have a single submission, but i can't get the software for audio or flash animation cause it costs too much... so all i can do to feel like i've done something worthwhile for the NG community is to comment and rate other people's shit... i hate Adobe's prices >:(

fuckin school, bullshit...

2011-04-26 13:42:25 by guildassasan

so work on that flash has come to almost a complete halt... a clifornia roll-stop, if you will... due to unforseen events, such as learning to drive, homework, and my bullshit parents. please hang in there, newgrounds, i know the whole goddamn community here was dying wondering what the fuck happened to my flash :P

my first flash

2011-02-22 20:03:58 by guildassasan

is in production as i post this. me and a friend of mine, death429, are collaboration with a bunch of my other friends from our seperate schools to create a teaser for a full animation. based on how the teaser does in the portal, asin if it passes judgement and gets a 3.5 or more on its score, then that will dictate whether or not we make the whole thing.
the relase date is set for sometime in march or early april. it has no name as of yet, but my goal is just to get this whole thing done. death429 and i are co-directing and producing this film under the un-official moniker of Jew-Fro Studios. hope to see it opn the front page when it is done guys!
finally, out of the reviewer title, and i'll finally have an animation under my belt... :D
i pray for the full support of the portal and all it's users. love you guys, but not in that way.

they hacked my fav game, starfighter: disputed galaxy, so much that ben olding had to actually go and shut it down? now its lonely out in space.... {:'[

pic unrelated :P

why did they have to do that? :(

Random Inquireys

2009-11-30 15:02:42 by guildassasan

im just gonna go ahead and ask a few questions of you fellow newgrounders, just to see if anyone on here even knows of my existance. k? damn straight thats okay....]:(
alright, so did anybody, LAGITAMITELY (spelled wrong, yes, i KNOW!!!), ever know that astro boy used to be an old-timey black&white cartoon, whose power level was around like the 1980's or so? like i knew that b4 the moivee came out and like nobody that i hang out with that had seen the moivee knew what in the flting fuck i was talking about! i mean, anybody who watched adult swim a couple of years ago would know that!
and wtf is up with those evony adds. btw that girl's showing off her junk, i'd say that it's a porn site, not a strategy game. but the marketting strategy they use is tried and true. just get a hawt fap-fap-fap lady and smack her on ur add and BANG, dumbasses will go there thinking, oh, maybe i'll get to see her naked?" and then play it in the hopes of getting to see just that.
and i thiiiink thats it. respond, all u sons of bitches!! }:(


2009-09-01 18:07:40 by guildassasan

hey guys guess what? i am doing this on my wii!! pwnage, right? i know!

myspace, froobs!!!

2009-04-14 11:39:22 by guildassasan

lol i hav teh myspace herron15210
lol i hav teh google blog the dan blog of randomness
lol i hav teh facebook Daniel Herron
lol comment b4 i kill u, suckas!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!!!!!!

myspace, froobs!!!